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Slovakian Puppy Champion

With her Success at the IHA Danube Cacib Bratislava (SK) Babette got herself at the age of 8 month the Puppy Champion Title for Slovakia allready! We are really very proud of our little Girl!

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Exhibition Tulln 2018

This year we were again on the iha tulln and on both days. You can find the impressions as always in the gallery:   Iha Tulln 30. September 2018 Iha tulln in 29. September 2018   Don’t miss our latest videos on dog dance! You will find them directly under the start in the category […]

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This time in Austria… Grand Champion

Got the official Document yesterday_ Belle is now also “Grand Champion” in Austria! With this title she got all Titles to achieve in Austria!  

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A Grand Champion and a little one..

Again we were very successfull at the International Dog Show in Bratislava! For more Details visit our Galerie!

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IHA Oberwart 2018

First Exhibition this Year! Belle was quite sucessfull against 5 males and another Girl! She got: Excellent 1 CACA CACIB BOB from the Judge! Babette had her first Show Time 😉 The entire Story and the Pictures in the Gallery!  

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Patella examination Kruela II Farma Stekot

Although the patella examination in Austria is (still) not compulsory, we did it with Kruela II Farma Stekot (Belle) and Orchid of the Granges D’Astau (Babette). In both cases the result was 0/0 For Belle you can see the documents on her pedigree overview, for Babette comes the official finding only when she is one […]

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Best Great Pyrenee in Austria 2017

We just get the Notice. Belle got the 1st Place and is now the Most Winning Great Pyrenee in Austria 2017

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International Champion

From 19.01.2018 on Belle is  approved  “International Champion”  All Coming Exhibitions in Austria and Slovakia are counted to the Grand Champion, but with anything else, we are just there for fun 😉  You can see us Live and in Colour on the Pet Exhibition Vienna, in the St.Marx Hall where we represent the Breed of […]

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Pictures from the city

Sometimes we visit “Dad” at work, when our Boss has to do some things without us. Later for a visit at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. For a Intelligence Test with some Cups. Awful.. but has to be done.. Belle got 71 of 100 Points Bibby was not that motivated to finish the Course.. […]

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AHHC Ausstellungssieger

This year we reached 3rd Place at the internal AHHC Showchampion Challenge. YEY! The Webmaster of our Club did a very well Job at design the Certificate.. see for yourself!

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