How it all Started..

How did we started?

I began with 9 Years with Kuvasz and trained this Dog all by myself. In former days it was normal for a little girl to play with her Dog the entire day alone in the woods.. totaly normal.. isnt it?

Due this early Training with Sheep Guarding Dogs it was quite easy for me to train my own Dogs and used to train them for a full decade before starting with my first own Great Pyr.

The Journay with this white pyr firballs began with a wooly little Dog named Fila II Farma Stekot, Callname “Bibby” She was our Start in the World of Great Pyrs.. and oh Boy.. what a Start this was.


Small, cuddly, fluffy but always a little bit Sceptical and cautious. This is how we get knowing here.. this is how she is today. Her first meeting with our Maine Coon Cat was an adventure for itself and after 2 Days she learned the lesson “he is the boss, but he loves me also”. We got this experience as his highness, Sir, King  slepts next to the little Whelp she was at this day.

Dispite her Homesickness she was always Hungry and looking for something to eat. Her her favorite Food became “Beef Medium-Rare ” 

She went with us everywhere, Underground, Metro, Bus she was always very kincky and we worked desperatly to not overtax her. After 2 Weeks she went to work with me and had plenty of fun with the Dog of my working collegue.

Think of it.. a small “Great Pyr” and an “English Setter”  some might called it desaster.. but only the office Wall got the most out of it 😉

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