How it all Started..

And suddenly we had 2..

Some folks have this Problem too.. what to do with the Dog when he is alone, or when you have to go Buying Food.
Easy Solution: Get another one!

Therefore we got Belle.
In her inner Most Kruela II Farma Stekot is a quite Dog. But nobody told her!
Like a Hurrican she is always on the Search for New Adventures and got her Aunt “Bibby” always on the Toes.

Since she was a Baby she was at the sametime Naughty but in need of Cuddles


Great Pyrs are like Potatoe Chips.. you cant Stop at the first

How to be a Couchpotatoe. Examply by the Aunt, perfected by Belle.
As you can see in the Picture Above, even a 9 Weeks old little Dog knows hot to make herself “Bigger” 

While our cat got now Problem with Bibby, he now had to experience a Dog who was used to Cats. She loves to snif him, clean his butt or simply lay next to him. A slight Problem for our Sir.

But time goes by, and we got some other Pictures of them Both.

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